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About Dr Dorsey Dr Josh Dorsey

Dr. Dorsey has been a chiropractor for many years and was always asked by his patients what they could do to help improve posture.

After ordering several braces to give to patients that claimed to improve posture, Dr. Dorsey found that these braces lacked simplicity, comfort and practicality. Many braces would restrict movement all together and make the patient feel like a zombie walking around rigid.

Dr. Dorsey began thinking about a better brace that would be easy to use, comfortable, not bulky, and easy to put on. He constructed the first prototype from bungee straps connected with a zip tie and immediately noticed the freedom of movement and improved quality of the lightweight design.

He developed many prototypes, some with Velcro or tied-down straps, others with buckles, hooks, staples, elastic strapping, nylon strapping, belts, suspenders and even parachure buckles! With each adaptation he noticed that the more complex the device became, the bulkier and less comfortable it was.

So he returned to the brace's core principles - easy to use, lightweight, comfortable and effective. With these core ideas in mind, the Posturific available today was invented!

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