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The Posturific Brace has helped so many individuals improve their posture. Here's what a few of them have to say:

The patient that I gave your brace to has worn it 30 minutes a day for the past 2 weeks and is doing a combination of your exercises and other posture exercises that I had already given her. She is responding very well and is pleased with the brace. I plan to ask several of my other patients about it...

-Dr. Kraig

I had surgery on my shoulder and when it healed my shoulder now wants to rotate inward. While I wear the brace it gets my shoulders and posture back to normal.


I am 66 years old and I have been diagnosed with kyphosis by my medical doctor. She suggested your brace to keep me from getting worse. I noticed a difference the minute I put it on. Even when I look in the mirror I can tell I am standing more upright. Thank you Dr. Josh.

-Beth Ann

I have tried other braces and I like yours the best because it is so easy to use, it's not bulky and it works!


Dr. Josh has figured it out with this brace. I wear the brace for 30 minutes a day do some easy exercises and wear it when I walk. It makes you stand up taller and I like that.


I am a 67-year-old male in pretty good shape and physically fit. I recently purchased your brace for posture improvement. I have found it relatively easy to wear the brace for increasingly long periods of time. I have found that wearing it is a constant reminder to be conscious of my posture... Your brace is the ideal means of constantly reminding me about better posture. I'm delighted I made the purchase.


I am very pleased with my brace. I wish I could have had it 40 years ago. Works great, thanks again.


Wow! I really do feel taller!


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