World’s Best Posture Brace.

Posture Corrector designed by Dr. Josh Dorsey.

Posture braces come in a couple different designs. You can get the one with buckles, straps, and velcro, which in my opinion make a brace cumbersome and big (think book bag on your shoulders).

Or, you can purchase this brace that offers a low profile, simple figure-8 design, no buckles, no velcro, lightweight, and provides the perfect amount of tension to correct your posture.

4 Colors to Choose

Demonstration Videos

Can you improve your posture in 45 days? You bet!

Watch this video to learn more.

Some customers get the brace twisted. Here is how you untwist the twist!

A short video on how to wear the posture brace correctly.

Did you know? You can use your HSA or FSA to purchase.

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How this posture brace works.

Simple Design

The first steps to make a great posture brace was to make it simple. 

The figure 8 design is simple but you get a strong comfortable pull on your shoulders to start the posture improving process. 

Its a great reminder. 


It’s no secret that good posture will protect your spine from degenerative changes and pain. 

Posture and alignment go together. When your posture is aligned and good, so is your overall health.

Since 2014

The major reason Dr. Dorsey designed this brace was that his options for his patients were limited and he was not satisfied with what he had in office. 

Many of the posture correctors on the market lacked simplicity and had way to many buckles, were big, bulky and would remind you of wearing a backpack.  

Why only 15 minutes?

One of the most common questions we get is how long should you wear the posture brace?

Everyone should start at 15 minutes per day and after the first week you can start adding 5 minutes more per week. 

Are there any exercises?

Each posture brace comes with instructions and Dr. Dorsey’s recommended 4 posture improving exercises. 

These exercises are perfect for anyone of any age. The core of the exercise is to strengthen your posture muscles. 

Don’t worry they only take 3 minutes to do

The more your use!

Dr. Dorsey recommends you wear the brace throughout the day while you are doing normal activities. 

Often customers think they should only wear while on the computer, this is ok, but the best is to use it while doing normal activities like walking, washing dishes, driving, or just sitting in your recliner. 

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try it for 60 days.

You don’t need that long because you will know right away you made the right purchase because this brace is that good.

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