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Posture Bracing The Simple, Soft, and Supportive Way by Posturific Brace – Just 15 Minutes a Day!

Posture braces come in a couple different designs. You can get the one with buckles, straps, and velcro, which in my opinion make a brace cumbersome and big (think book bag on your shoulders).


Or, you can use Posturific Brace that offers a low profile, simple figure-8 design, no buckles, no velcro, lightweight, and provides the perfect amount of tension to correct your posture.

Four Colors To Choose From

If Your Brace Is Twisted Do This

If you need help with making the brace lay flat on your back watch this short video. 

How To Properly Put Posturific Brace On

Short video showing how to use the Posturific Brace


Find your t-shirt size and slide over to find your brace size.

posture brace size chart posturific brace

Did You Know?
You can use your FSA or HSA to purchase this brace.


Same Day Shipping Monday- Friday If Ordered Before 2pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Start with 15 minutes a day and work your way up to 1 hour. 

Your posture is the prodcut of years in the making. You can’t permanently change your posture overnight.  You must first teach your muscles the proper posture and then reinforce that good posture. That is why posture bracing is so important. The brace forces you to remain in better posture. 

It takes 30-45 days to create a new habit. So expect to have permanent results in that amount of time. 

This brace is safe for all ages. 

After 4 weeks you can wear it for one hour at a time. Once the hour is reached take it off. Allow your muscles to relax then go back to the brace after 2 hours. This trains your muscles much more efficiently than wearing the brace all the time. 

On the instruction sheet their are four exercises that you can do. These are simple yet effective to improving your results. If you choose to do them they take 2-3 minutes to perform. 

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